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 Eli Tyndall

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PostSubject: Eli Tyndall   Eli Tyndall Icon_minitimeSat Sep 04, 2010 4:20 pm

"Darling, come with me.
You're tried, weary, and I can show you where you can rest.
Take my hand. Walk with me.
Let me guide you into the next..."

Name: Elizabeth Marion Tyndall
Yes, my name is Elizabeth. An unfortunate occurrence, but one that can't be helped. You won't ever be calling me Elizabeth, however. I go strictly by the name of 'Eli'. The only ones 'allowed' to call me otherwise are my... superiors. You will call me 'Eli', and that will be the end of it. Thank you.

Age: ...-cough-...
I suppose you could call me 'ageless'. I've been at this game for quite some time now, and I don't see an end to it any time soon.

Race: Uhhh.... Not human.
Correct. I'm not human, though I look like one. I'm far from human, though... I'm not demon, nor devil. Some have, incorrectly, called me an angel...

Personality: He's overly solemn. Brooding. Takes his job way too seriously. He's not one for humor, either. Most punch lines will be met with a blink and a steady gaze.

Powers: ...He can tell you this one.
...I am, essentially (though it's a grossly generalized term), an Angel of Death. I meet people when their time comes, and I accompany them to their next rest. My companion, Simon, does the same, only for animals. I don't touch people unless I can help it - direct contact with bare skin gives me an unwanted glimpse into that individual's future... more specifically, their death.
EDIT: When on the job, he becomes incorporeal and visible only to those on the wire between life and death. When he returns, he can blend and reappear so skillfully that no one ever notices. Ever. Also: he can get to you. Anywhere, everywhere. You can't keep him out with locks or gates or guards. He'll find his way to you if you're dying, you can count on that.

Lives: Everywhere? Nowhere? Somewhere?
I'm currently drifting around Hyrule Castle Town. I don't have any permanent residence...

Eli Tyndall Omw_black_dog Eli Tyndall Eli11_800x600

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PostSubject: Re: Eli Tyndall   Eli Tyndall Icon_minitimeSat Sep 04, 2010 4:22 pm


I take it high-fives are out of the question. :C
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Eli Tyndall
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