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PostSubject: Examinations   Examinations Icon_minitimeSat Jul 12, 2008 9:47 am

"Five foot?!" Aislin gasped, staggering out of the Nurse's office. "I'm five foot tall?!"

"We." corrected Ariel, exiting with much less melodrama. "We are five feet tall."

Aislin put her uncasted hand on her hip. "B-but I thought we were 5'4''! That's what Dad measured us as."

Ariel shrugged. "I guess he spotted us a few inches. Maybe so we wouldn't feel bad?"

Aislin shook her head. "No. That nurses's wrong. I know she is."

Ariel sighed heavily. "Just chill. She's not wrong, I assure you. It's four inches. No big deal."

Kadomi grinned and disappeared into the Nurse's for her checkup. "See ya, shorties."

Aislin rolled her eyes and huffed. "...We're midgets."

"We are not midgets. We are petite."

".........That's just a nice word for midget." Aislin muttered.
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