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PostSubject: Kitsune   Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:59 pm

Name: Kitsune
Age: matches my age
Race: Hylianish

  1. Elemental Jutsus: with varying combinations of nine hand signs, he can utilize his emense amount of chakra to preform incredible elemental powers, ranging from shooting fire balls, to morphing into a dragon.
  2. Shadow jutsus: similar to elemental jutsus in how they work, but different on effects. (i.e. shadow clones all the way to creating a fake night.)
  3. Light jutsus: basically the polar opposite of shadow jutsus.
  4. Kusanagi: the divine sword, which is capable of banishing evil back to the depths of darkness from which they came.
  5. Keaton Mask (fox mask): Allows the wearer to call upon the Keaton's for guidance. However, for Kitsune, it allows him to summon a Keaton as a gaurdian spirit to help him in battle.
Personality: Like my other characters, he stays alone for the most part, but is willing to socialize and become friends. He is emotionally stoic, meaning he hids his emotions, and he will try to stay away from combat if at all possible. He will only use his sword if all else fails.
Lives: He lives in a secluded cottage hidden in the leaves of the Dark Forest, where there is much banishing to be done. He gained the name Kitsune, which means fox, because of his fox-like appearance and behavior. [mainly the tail]


[his actual appearance, tail and all]

[sort of a dragon morph, subtle changes]

[Of course, his wolf morph... You had to know this was coming]

list of jutsus:

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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune   Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:35 am

Approved Very Happy xD

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