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 Avgreil/Shiranui and Okami

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PostSubject: Avgreil/Shiranui and Okami   Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:13 pm

Name: Avgreil/Shiranui

Age: matches my age

Race: Hylian?

Personality: [I'll start with some background first] Avgreil is actually his "Hylian" name, and Shiranui is the name the Mother Wolf, Amaterasu, gave him. He had been raised with Amaterasu and her cubs, so he doesn't know who, or what, his parents are. He puts all his faith in nature and rarely completely trusts any humanoids. The Mother Wolf had entrusted onto Avgreil one of her cubs, Okami, as his life companion and friend [more about Okami later].

Lives: In the Mother Wolf's cave.

Powers: He is very in tune with nature, and can understand how nature is feeling, and talk with trees and stuff like that. He also can speak with animals through a mental connection joining their thoughts and minds. He can control the four elements to an extent, for example, he can conjure up water, earth, fire, and air, but he can't cause fire to rain, a tsunami to blow through, an earthquake, etc...

[Avgreil dresses like the left one, but looks more like the right one]

[the middle one is extra lol, perhaps a lost family member]


Name: Okami

Age: equal in dog years to Avgreil's age

Race: Spirit Wolf

Personality: He only will trust Avgreil and his brethren in the pack. He is like a spiritual guide for Avgreil and helps him when he is in need. He will not trust any humanoid unless Avgreil says he is a friend. He is a loyal companion and is always by Avgreil's side.

Lives: In the Mother Wolf's cave.

Powers: His howl creates a great shockwave that can stun, if not frighten, enemies. He can communicate mentally with Avgreil or any other spirit wolf. He is also large enough to have Avgreil and one other person ride him, although rarely will anyone besides Avgreil want to ride him.


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PostSubject: Re: Avgreil/Shiranui and Okami   Mon Feb 11, 2008 2:24 pm


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Avgreil/Shiranui and Okami
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