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 Jon Talbain

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PostSubject: Jon Talbain   Tue Jan 15, 2008 8:08 pm

Name: Jon Talbain
Age: matches my age
Race: Hyrulian
Home: He doesn't really live anywhere... He travels all over and usually stays the night in a local inn
1) kung fu master: He has amazing dexterity and grace. He can preform nearly any movement, such as in the Assassin's creed game or Prince of Persia games.
2) Fists of Fury: He literally have them lol. He can concentrate his chi, chakra, w/e you want to call it around his fists, forming an aura of blue/white flame cover his fists.
3) Fire Manipulator: He is a master of the fire element. He can bend and shape fire any which way he wants. He can also create fire through spontaneous combustion. The flame he creates is a blue/white flame
Human form Werewolf form:

Wolf form:

Persona: He is a bit of a loner because of how people feel about his "condition". if you are lucky enough to get to know him better, you will find nothing but care in his heart.
History: Ever since birth he has been cursed with lycanthropy, werewolf curse,. So he has been an outcast from the start and has stayed like that his whole life. His father was a kung fu teacher and he taught young Jon all he knows. Now Jon fights in tournaments and shows off his skills. With growing up he has learned how to control the curse a bit. And he can go completely wolf instead of being just half-wolf, werewolf in other words.

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PostSubject: Re: Jon Talbain   Wed Jan 16, 2008 2:07 pm

Where does he live?

Other than that, approved.

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Jon Talbain
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