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PostSubject: Moonlight/Haseo   Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:06 pm

Name: Haseo

Changling Name: Moonlight

Age: matches my age

Personality: He is somewhat outgoing, but likes to keep to himself. He is willing to help others, but may be neglegent at risking his life for what he considers a pointless reason. He is a "Lone Wolf," even among fellow changelings, but if you do get a chance to know him, he is quite friendly and social. The only ones he really gets along with, are fellow changelings that change into canine animals, like himself. He becomes very friendly toward those perticular changelings. [not to say he hates everyone else though]. He is also very stealthy when conducting covert ops for the changeling group he is with, like scoping out the area and such.


  1. Shadow Clones: He can make upto 2 clones of himself, which he uses to help do recon and to confuse his enemies. [this works for his all forms]
  2. Shadowmeld: He can "meld" into the shadows, like Zinthos the twili, but it only seems that he can. This only works in his wolf and hybrid forms. [he is a black wolf for a reason]
  3. Moonfang and Eclipse: His two daggers have black blades, and when in the moonlight, they glow white.

Lives: He mainly travels with his pack, for that is really his only family he has.


[this pic wll probably change if i find better]

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PostSubject: Re: Moonlight/Haseo   Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:36 pm


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